Sunday, July 26, 2009

I walk while the sparrow calls

I walk while the sparrow calls
From the trees high above
Leaves wave in tenuous flight,
Quiet stream flows here,
Careful certainty,
Crystal rippling joy
Stones turn in the current
Gently shaped, smooth, round
I lean against an oak tree,
And watch shadows cast by the sun
Eyes closed, I dream while
The stream gurgles and giggles beside me
With careful certainty
Breeze whispers through the leaves
In this moment, the wind lifts me
And carries me like the wings of the sparrow
I come to rest gently on the water
I feel the currents move me
I find myself tumbling with
the stones at the bottom
rolling water’s laughter fills me,
awake, I see the sparrow, head tilted
watching me, then she is gone
I stand to walk again
Along the sun-laced path

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