Sunday, July 26, 2009

lost in moments

lost in moments
that shine like stars
in the deep night sky
a trap some say,
like drowning
in a rushing river
toss in the torrent
and left to die on the shores

a photograph to remind me
of what was precious
and wasted
taken forgranted
and loved
simply loved

the shell of me walks in the
hallways searching
for a place to rest
to lay down when
living is too tiring

it is enough to love
when the stars shine
in the deep night sky
brightly enough
to guide me

how can i say these words
the calm that steals over me
undoes the small pins of myself
that have been drawing
beads of blood for so long
and free from that pain of living

i can say i came home
to myself in the starlight -
watched the crescent moon
in the mirror reflection of my eyes
and let myself die one more death
knowing i have loved
and did not mistake
this time what i felt

the stars shine over me now
deep night draws to early m
morning and the new day, like
a perfect pearl is dropped
into my palm

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