Sunday, July 26, 2009

morning prayer

someone must pray
in the morning light
as the day begins again

not only those
whose lives are near
closing some curtain
not only furtive thieves
desperately trying to steal back

some favor
some time
some moment
some lost thing
some future fortune
some second chance
some life

not only the wise
and compassionate
whose life spills over itself
and in quiet moments can see
the pain and suffering of
those near to them
and not so near

there must be that moment -
that moment of recognition
in our day

one moment however brief
of knowing deeply that
right now is everything
and nothing

in that moment of knowing
when the heart speaks more loudly
than the wind and rising sun
when someone prays
and it lifts us beyond ourselves
for someone
for ourselves
we can be grateful
that someone
must pray


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