Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pebbles in the ocean

Pebbles in the ocean,
I drop them one by one.
Standing on the shoreline,
Across my shoulders,
I feel the sun.
Move to cooler waters,
among the shining waves.
As I watch the pebbles fall away,
Their shadows still remain.
Floating on the water now,
I am cradled in its arms.
Wash me clean, unfold my heart,
Hold me close always,
Fly me like a bird,
Fly me home again.
With these new wings,
Tears of joy stream down my face
And flow like rivers to my heart
Dissolve those last few shadows
While the current pulls me in
Azure sky above me
Emerald valley all around
Diamonds twinkle like the stars
Wrapped in a crimson flower
I hear children’s laughter
And the singing of the breeze
I realize with a sudden smile
That is comes from within me
Pebbles in the ocean
I have dropped them one by one
Embrace the pain that lingers here
As I play through this golden light
On this, the morning of my life

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