Sunday, July 26, 2009

waterlily white

waterlily white
against my palm
what dream do you hold for me
little one?
while the willow sleeps
with the resting wind
you sit with me
and hold me still
how this flower unfolds is mine
every pure and velvet petal
is mine
the edge of the bloom
rests against me
while it all falls apart
where it all falls apart
i am
don't let go of me
let go let go
it screams against me
let it all fall apart
let the petals float
in the water below my fingertips
in the air above my head
in the deepest part of my heart
it all falls apart
it all means something
every petal
every cell
every thought
every dream
every memory
gentle one
you are not who shattered the glass
you are who floated the flower to begin


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