Friday, July 31, 2009

Twiction 44

There was a sharp knock on the door. Monica ignored it.

"Aren't you going to answer that?" Steve asked. Monica refused to look up.

Monday, July 27, 2009

the pieces lay on the floor

The pieces lay on the floor
Every time I turn around
Do not ask the score
Lose again, for I am bound

I pull me together again
And try to walk away
Overcome my shame
This struggle will not sway

One day I will be fine
A smile will burst my face
All to say one of a kind
And end this silly race

eyes that stare at me

Eyes that stare at me
Lamenting at my ugliness
No trace of beauty can be found
In the folds of such plain dress
But look deeper
Into the dark recesses of my mind
Search for beauty there
Perhaps that is what you will find
Beauty buried so deep
That it cannot blossom forth
Like the delicate rosebud
Never considered for all its worth
End this terrible tormenting
Stop insisting on what I must be
For all that comes is all I can give
And all I can give is me

the sun shines

The sun shines
Cooling the land
The clouds crawl on the ground
The strange of day
Has come this way
A dog barks with no sound

The birds, they crawl
Like lizards small
The snow is hot to touch
“Bizarre” they cry and
wonder why
Do we know all that much?

the rose, it blooms

The rose, it blooms
In heat of day,
And then by night
It fades away
There is not one
Who can explain
Why one small flower
Would suffer this pain
Having to wake
In the heat of day
And then by night
Just fade away

Sunday, July 26, 2009

the rain last night left me sleepless

the rain last night left me sleepless
it sang against the window
in the deepest hours
left me restless and wondering
about the smallest moments of my life

where will this wandering take me?
though now i feel i am waiting
like one of those raindrops
hoping to fall from the window sill
to join others in something bigger
than myself

one day maybe i will realize
maybe not until the sun shines again
that in that moment before i disappear
to return again to the sky
i am everything i can be
i am everything i am

i watch the raindrop patterns
as they dance across the glass
i cannot make any sense of them,
but i know just what they are
there can't be only one raindrop that
falls on a cold november night
and i am waiting for the sun to rise
stubborn in my blindness
waiting to understand
waiting to be free
waiting to be me


i watched myself in the mirror

i watched myself in the mirror
there shattered on the floor
a thousand pieces of me
scattered, staring back

there can be no mending
it seems
once the glass is broken
just sweep the shards up
toss them away
- forgotten

what lays beyond that moment
that moment of refuse?
the glass then ground
to powder by another hand
and fire to melt it to form again
not what it once was
but something...

in that fusion
born from destruction
not new, not more
never the same and yet it is

how sad to see
the thousand me's disappear
without another thought
while somewhere another
works to mend the glass

and i -
i am left standing
looking everywhere
but at myself.


lost in moments

lost in moments
that shine like stars
in the deep night sky
a trap some say,
like drowning
in a rushing river
toss in the torrent
and left to die on the shores

a photograph to remind me
of what was precious
and wasted
taken forgranted
and loved
simply loved

the shell of me walks in the
hallways searching
for a place to rest
to lay down when
living is too tiring

it is enough to love
when the stars shine
in the deep night sky
brightly enough
to guide me

how can i say these words
the calm that steals over me
undoes the small pins of myself
that have been drawing
beads of blood for so long
and free from that pain of living

i can say i came home
to myself in the starlight -
watched the crescent moon
in the mirror reflection of my eyes
and let myself die one more death
knowing i have loved
and did not mistake
this time what i felt

the stars shine over me now
deep night draws to early m
morning and the new day, like
a perfect pearl is dropped
into my palm

misted fields bathed

misted fields bathed
in autumn gold
leaves glisten with the morning

lines of sunlight breaking
through the trees
cut the ribbon of road
winding through
swirling and dancing

gossamer thoughts
float in amongst the hovering
passing like walking
through spirit

i cannot be still in this stillness
even the birds can
in their morning slumber yet

i move with the winds
down and along the gravel road
when it turns
and leads away from here
this one moment so perfect

then gone
with the rising sun
and another day

this mist like the day
holds everything and nothing
a breath of life
that waits
and falls away
with the warmth

i long for that moment of clarity
which lets me see
just as things are not
as i want them to be.

the falcon cries to warn
of its hungered flight
and even its wing is hushed by the
cloak of morning

all too soon i am gone
turning again along the road
and i breathe in as i pass
while the light dissolves
my reflection in the mist

this wall

this fear
this love
this is my wall
i cannot break it down
or let it go
i hear it mumbling
in quiet tones
to find peace
is that what i want?
always the goal
has been to love
and be loved in return
but who can do this
when i cannot simply
manage the high crested waves
that crash over
or drown me in the pull
unseen yet devestating
or when the sunlight
on the water blinds me
with its reflection
on a still afternoon
i have seen there
that i am my own wall
there in that instant of
how can i break
to the point where
no wall
will be built again?


caught in the reflection

caught in the reflection
in the glasses on the desk
perched on books and papers
here, now more than for reading
i realize... and ask

what do i see there?

the window
sharp lines
on more glass
and sunlight that falls over me
what do i see there?

gentle curve of metal frame
while the seeing is held
through them
what don't i see there
when i am wearing them?

seeing now
from the other side
of the lens..
the lines and shape
the light and shadow
the moment
and everything that i don't see
looking through
looking away


turning in a moment

turning in a moment
of bliss
like thunder chasing
the wind


the sound of the ripple
after the first tear falls
after the last drop comes home
echoes within me

in a moment
like thunder
chasing silence
after it passes

when the wings stop beating
and the wind is still as death
between nowhere and everywhere
i am free



living through the cracks
in moments
like glimmering shafts
of sunlight
through the broken window slats
of an aging house
maybe brief
until the clouds come
or the moment has passed

i am jealous of the cracks
and all that falls through
forgotten treasures
spilled like salt
here even where the cracks
can be the straight lines
to someone
to somewhere
more subversive
- perhaps

than the seemingly lost
but there - caught again
in the light
glinting like diamonds
waiting to be noticed

I can feel me

i can feel me
slowly going
breath that
spills over the lips
and leaves
no lingering kiss
nothing changes
the sun still shines
the cicada mourns
its day of life
crying loudly in the pines
everything is changed
- somehow
still following
the breath
as it lifts
the orange robed butterfly
up into the clouds


the house of my soul is too small

the house of my soul is too small
thoughts, hopes, dreams
sit in hapless piles
like mismatched socks
forlorn, forgotten
except for brief moments

there's no room on the shelves
one thing slips off and again
it falls in a heap
crashing somewhere be low
waiting to be picked up
put away

if you dig through
who knows what may be found
i'd call it Christmas
but even that won't help
to describe the treasures hiding
in the deep debris
waiting to be remembered
waiting to be noticed

the house of my soul is too small
much too small
i said that already
now it is more the mournful cry
pitiful recognition
that nothing else can fill the spaces
what to do?
what to do?
come in like a breath of life
like a swift running river
to wash everything all away
i wish it all away
not tidied and
- waiting
furtively to explode
out of carefully labelled boxes
but just done and gone...

what remains after
well, can stay i suppose..
whatever it could be i don't know...
something to remind me
that the house is too small
and space is
always at a premium
choose wisely or
not at all...
because the house of my soul
is much too small


little sparrow

little sparrow
fragile wing
pause here
before you fly again
to be free


white clouds

white clouds
in the window
slipping quickly by
even at a glance
who watches them go?
besides me...
though even i do not
really watch
since only their reflection
is what i see...
who watches


little sparrow - song of grace

little sparrow take this pause
a breath to sustain you

to lift your wing above me
to the sky to the sun and back again

little sparrow
i can't know you now
in your frantic search
along the ground

this food eludes you... again and again
though you keep searching ..

little sparrow rest
the moment waits for you
to mend

the day is not long to ending
and i am here to hold you
reassure you
and let you go
once more

broken glass and betrayal

the air
is rank
each window closed
- sealed tightly
with no possibility
of renewal
with the shattering
of the glass
how in the shattering
the sting of betrayal
is deeply felt
who is betrayed
when the cool autumn
breezes finally
can flow through


morning prayer

someone must pray
in the morning light
as the day begins again

not only those
whose lives are near
closing some curtain
not only furtive thieves
desperately trying to steal back

some favor
some time
some moment
some lost thing
some future fortune
some second chance
some life

not only the wise
and compassionate
whose life spills over itself
and in quiet moments can see
the pain and suffering of
those near to them
and not so near

there must be that moment -
that moment of recognition
in our day

one moment however brief
of knowing deeply that
right now is everything
and nothing

in that moment of knowing
when the heart speaks more loudly
than the wind and rising sun
when someone prays
and it lifts us beyond ourselves
for someone
for ourselves
we can be grateful
that someone
must pray


little bloom

little bloom
white flashing
in the reeds and leaves

fish turn and swim among slender stems
in cool waters below you

emerald frogs hide
from the day's heat
in your wide shade
while you sit still
to collect morning dew
for swifts and swallows

risen above the water's edge
now gently swaying
in summer breezes
you, oh willow pond's
beautiful jewel


sunlight reflected

sunlight reflected
in the shadows of another concrete building
closed windows
tinted so no one can see inward
though there i am sitting
in the concrete ampitheatre
where no one speaks
except the wind and me

what dance passes
unseen between us
as the hour falls away?
shadow pulling sun
defines them so i can see
clearly the lines
wind whispers in the grass...
you are...

can you see past the stone walls
of this steel/glass building
before you
however imposing
however indifferent
however cruel
can you forgive yourself
when you cannot?

another minute more to drain
as the concrete circle slowly fills
the wind now is harder to hear
over the din
but never is far it seems
a breath away
to remind me
i am....


Child of indigo sky and silver jewel

the sun has slipped behind
the crest of trees
as day gives way to night
where will you lay your head to dream?

let me hold you here
where the stars fall like polished glass,
until your eyes grow heavy with slumber...

the bubbling laughter of water
playing playing
against the river stones
fills the air
and the lullaby of night crawlers and crickets
draws sleep closer
wrapping itself around us
like a soft woolen blanket

sleep dear one
as the fireflies dot the sky
diamonds of flickering light
i will hold you here
listen to each breath
each heartbeat

this great song i will always hold
a treasured memory
rest your head, dear one
close your eyes and dream
the buds on the branches above us
wait to bloom with the morning light
and tonight
tonight the dew will fall


when the effort of living

when the effort of loving lays dying in the roses
impaled on the thorns as it falls
through the branches
ripped and shredded into pieces...
when it lays in the cocoa shells and lavendar
hidden in the cool shade of leaves
to disintegrate and fertilize
the roots ....
that is when the rose blooms


gentle lake

gentle lake
your face has changed
angry waves slap the shore
stones shine in wet dresses
thundering music of your soul
touches mine
no theory or formula
can be laid across you
to define you
even the fish swimming within
have no knowledge of you
but once outside
the agony is played on
the broken heart, broken breath
lamenting what once was


my heart is frankly scarlet

my heart is frankly scarlet
in the wake of the phoenix
ripe, raw, full to overflowing
up and outward moving
against this darkened sky
like each star
each moment
each breath
glowing brightly
all around me
all of this
lilting laughter
at once
open wings
this is
my life's
this is


as morning sun yawns

as morning sun yawns
spreading its first light
shimmering dew drops
send the spider into flight

along delicate homeward paths
a crystal web
where few dare to roam

prisms formed by midnight's tears
drying on the silver threads
where the silent spider
- treads


leaves rain on cloudless skies

leaves rain on cloudless skies
winds play a symphony
through the trees
while i sit under a maple
with leaves of fire
i close my eyes
and hear squirrels
dashing madly through the brush
storing away what they will soon forget...
shadows dance as last sun spills around me
and the day falls away
i look up and smile at the winking sun
and raise my hand, palm exposed
to feel the kiss of each leaf
in the breeze, each shaft of light
you ask "do the clouds change the sun?"
and i whisper to you
in this sacred place


pale light

pale light, like the blush of a rose
slips quietly across the morning sky
to thread itself through the branches of the oak
it shapes the shadows, sprawling them
out over the dew laden grass
an unassuming dance
that reaches to catch my arm
drawing me in step with ancient harmony

as we go along the light of day
longer shadows play,
and languid leaves rise and fall
with the warm breeze
soon they will tumble and turn
to rest again

day ambles away over the horizon
evening stretches now
and i sit in the glow
of sunset's silent embrace


light falls through the window

light falls through the window
like water from a broken glass
shadows slip across my body
as i sit in this evening sun
dark shards cut through
with slivers of golden light
while silence sits next to me
flashing a sly and knowing smile
waiting for me to move away
to fall into the shadows
or dance in the light
to leave the room
and not find the door to return
but wherever i go i am here
the door, window, sun
may slowly melt into the landscape
even silence may slink away to play
with his noisier cousin chaos
sitting here now, i can smell
the roses through the window
feel the cool breeze on my skin
and even though i know the mirror
shows a face drawn out in pain
the stars will still shine tonight


listen dear one

listen dear one... until the waves
are quiet against the stoney shore
when words are wrapped tightly among them
silent sentinels, guarding waiting...
moments pass, like wind through the trees
each not drawn against
the bowing branches
earlier, i watched a bird explode into the air
while another swam silently below
the serene face of the lake
and gold flashed in the shallows
as the sun set
as the first stars leap and play
against the blackening sky
know that all this i see
with you sitting here beside me


waves on the bay

waves on the bay
myriad rise and fall
with wind and sunlight
each wave a deep sigh
from below
to dance, to sing, to be
one breath connects all
while this me floats among them
dense as the shale below
yet the wave's gentle gesture
becomes its own
the wind and sun
bend to kiss the upturned face
just as sweetly as the wave itself
no shape remains
no arm, no leg
no eye, no breast
no me
only waves on the bay


this gentle rain of emotion

this gentle rain of emotion
falls sweetly over me
holding out my hand to you
alone again, i'll never be

this love carries me on
melts the hardest days away
when the tears won't stop flowing
this love knows just what to say

eyes like the morning sunrise
shining still with dew
i never knew i could be whole
until the day i met you

this love carries me on
melts the hardest days away
when the tears won't stop flowing
this love knows there are no words to say

when the evening is upon me
and twilight's kiss i feel
my life is a gift in your arms
and this love is the seal

this love carries me on
melts the hardest days away
when the tears won't stop flowing
and we don't know where we are going
this love knows the way


Life spills around me


life spills around me
water from an over-turned cup
carelessly, recklessly tossed to the ground
i am running, i am running
forget what is lacking
what is gone
the sun never shines twice on the same day
drink this light down
catch up with me life
while i dance in this orange glow
trailing this dark mantle behind me
laughter falls like rain
wisps of yesterday
moments hanging in the air
i won't suffer to reach for them...


The day now dressed in ebony
river winds to rush over
pale, grey weathered stones
soothing, cool caress
in silence, i sit now
beneath mango boughs alone
to listen to the spring moon rising
its silver melody drips down over me
the gentlest waterfall leaping
to the still deep pool below


I breathe
sitting in this space
between now and the next moment
between the pebble's drop
and the ocean's embrace
love spills over mindstones eroding them
to no thing
and i see with light again
there is no running
no catching up
the laughter remains the same
my soul jumps into your arms
as the moon rises

light like a sigh

light like a sigh
spreads gently across
the mountain range
a breath that floats
and brushes against you
barely there
like standing in a gale
wind blows, clouds dance
then in stillness
waves rest
blossoms unfold
in the morning


take this breath

take this breath
from my lips, wind
as you dance
in this morning's
first light
each turning leaf
of your complete caress,
rose up to greet you
and saw it was not alone
with this life of mine
draw it up in your airy arms
as the sun wanes
and the shadows grow long
in the last whisper of light
let this stillness
in my soul


let us go together

let us go together
along the light of day
our souls will sing
with each step we take

it may rain along the way, I know
the clouds may hide the sun
each drop of rain a jewel
to feed the seed of change

we are the shifting breezes
that flow through the trees
the rose that blooms, unfolding
its petals to reach the sun
the stream tumbling and falling
over rock ledge to the quiet pool below
the shore shaped by the ocean wave

let go along the light of today
the journey is the destination
our souls are singing
with each step we take

storms will blow through us
we may feel weary and worn
battered and torn
but just as the wind blows
through a screen door
so too shall the sun shine

hope will propel us through
even as a tiny grain of sand
it grows from deep inside of us
from nothing to a pearl

we are the sturdy oak
whose branches reach skyward
and roots that embrace soil and stone
the mountain that will not be moved
the azure sky that will not falter
the sun that will not fade away

let go along the light of day
life is waiting
breathe deeply
with every step we take


silent evening

silent evening
as wind embraces
majestic pine
stones cease
their restless
current journey
wrapped in this
quiet blanket
moon reaches to
pull back the
cloudy curtain
in this subtle light
where the shadows
are almost imperceptible
souls sing
and laughter
bubbles up
from the depths
light falls around
like tiny gems
rolling across the palm
spiralling around
to drop like rain
when each one does
from its grassy resting place
everything, the universe
and beyond
is reflected there


afternoon sunlight

afternoon sunlight
streaming in the window
i am sitting beside you
trying to say goodbye
but i don't want to leave you
just want to stay
hold you close to me
to keep you safe
no matter where you are
i have a place to wander from
it may not be your hand i can hold
for all time, for always
but i know when the sun rises
you will be here beside me
holding me close
keeping me safe from harm


not only in the quiet

not only in the quiet
of the evening do my
thoughts turn to you
i rest with the setting sun
soothed by a cooling breeze
still the days are grey
when you are gone
and i am left with only
the cats for company
( the black one thinks to
own the chair by the window
now and the other has decided
what space is left is hers alone)
not only in the stillness after the day
is folded and put away, watching
the reddening sun but when dawn
breaks the black cast of night
and i wake with the same joy the
sky has in seeing the sun again
because in that moment it is you who
i see or at midday, when
the sun is strongest, and
i find your pictures marking my place
in a book i just took from the shelf
not only in the evening, when
darkness stills me
do my thoughts turn to you and i smile.
i smile and think of you.


A page turned with the wind

A page turned with the wind
Paper from the book rustled then settled
Morning stole through the window
Over the fury of night’s contemplation
No glorious sunshine
Danced and dripped gold over everything
To soften every edge and hue
Instead a cold unforgiving February day
Stared while the sky struck at the frozen ground
Bending barren tree branches in an icy coat
The white glares at me
I feel the snow bore into every cell
It blinds
Or do I blind myself?
Who do I blame when things get so hard
When they get this hard?
Steeled against the coming minutes and hours
Wiping sleep from my eyes
To peer cautiously at the resting page
What did my hand write
During my sleep
Look for nothing
Look for me
I am here


waterlily white

waterlily white
against my palm
what dream do you hold for me
little one?
while the willow sleeps
with the resting wind
you sit with me
and hold me still
how this flower unfolds is mine
every pure and velvet petal
is mine
the edge of the bloom
rests against me
while it all falls apart
where it all falls apart
i am
don't let go of me
let go let go
it screams against me
let it all fall apart
let the petals float
in the water below my fingertips
in the air above my head
in the deepest part of my heart
it all falls apart
it all means something
every petal
every cell
every thought
every dream
every memory
gentle one
you are not who shattered the glass
you are who floated the flower to begin


words fall like scattered papers

words fall like scattered papers
as soft light dressed as afternoon
slips in through the window
the room
my desk
my mind
i can see the torrent of books,
papers, scraps of thought teetering
on the shelves i look and see
stones i had forgotten, old photos in piles
faces from the past that stare balefully at me
landscapes waiting for acrylic birth
when did this happen?
when did i stop to do what comforts me
pulls me in from the whirling,
wraps me in the sweet unknowing and
presses a pen, a brush to my palm
whispering to me
frantically overcome
and choking i have sat by this window
forgetting everything
until, like walking into a low tree branch
and crashing to the ground
i wake up
and watch the sun


i have been watching

i have been watching my
white orchid
waiting for it to bloom
endless days it seemed
the last bloom hung
tucked into its pale green cucoon
waiting waiting waiting
and then without warning
i woke one morning
in the soft light of a new day
i saw the bloom had exploded
onto the fragile stem


i watched the morning sun

i watched the morning sun
shine through a fern
a perfect emerald silhoette
dew gathered in the folds
of a scarlet maple leaf
shimmering in the light
i was not until i looked closely
that i saw the long slender
legs of the spider
resting on its glistening web
in complete stillness


listen to the wind

listen to the wind
whispering in the softest voice
the stream sings
a laughing melody
under tall, firey trees
while my heart soars
with the southbound geese
and lies at once with
the slumbering trillium
wrapped in the solid stone shield
of this ancient soil
soon the snow will fly
and all this will remain
in untouched harmony

autumn roses spill crimson

autumn roses spill crimson
over the stones in the drive
reflections dance in the puddles
with every cooling drop

steady drumming
through the trees
a soothing lullaby
sung against this rich tapestry
as i stand collecting raindrops
in my upturned palm


bamboo grows on the window sill

bamboo grows on the window sill
tiny saplings in water and glass
i am coaxing them skyward
i watched an emerald flyer
spread her golden wings
to dance in the sky blue eye
dipping and soaring in the breeze
fluid flight becomes a slow trickle
a gentle waterfall
flowing into itself
as she lights on the window before me
resting quietly in the late sun
i see my reflection there


gentle rain falling

gentle rain falling
against broad emerald leaf
tracing its lines and ridges
down to the slender stem


I bent my head down

I bent my head down
to write out all of my anger,
frustration and sorrow...
instead my heart spilled out
across the blank white page before me
joy snuck out in streaks of gold
and happiness, close on her heals,
with careless splashes of scarlet and rose
soon the page a chaotic dance
a riot of colour
and between the rain of laughter
I sit shocked by my own blind reverie

this star shines

this star shines
as our love
through endless sky
so shall we be
for all eternity


water drips down

water drips down
the side of the glass
like a tear
does it fall out of joy or sorrow?
is it enough that it falls?
sliding down the cool surface
to form a small pool on the table's face
water drop descends and i am drawn
to your photograph
it shows a deep reflection
of the world outside my window
framed with silver
this sight takes my breath
how is it i have sat
on endless days turned
from what has always been before me?
absently i draw my fingertip
through the fallen drop
tracing an invisible map
of my hand
and then...
one last kiss as i touch
my finger to my lips
and the waterdrop is drawn

there was a drop of rain this morning

there was a drop of rain this morning
that fell against my cheek
a pinprick cold shock
looking into the sky
why did you fall against me,
wake me, startle me, love me?
your sudden kiss
took my breath,
made me stand still
i almost missed knowing you
with another step


I was the other one

I was the other one
that wasn't me
the overturned petal
where the light of sun
doesn't lay to sleep
the entire day away


laughing with shame

laughing with shame
I bowed my head and wondered how
how to answer this question that hung in the air
begging to be heard
complicated knot waiting to be untied
and I think that I don’t have it
the answer found a mate and is hiding
covered in some darkened corner
while I sit open mouthed and dumb looking a fool
and not knowing how to say the right words
because now any word that rolls away
pulls a layer too
exposing raw skin
and I doubt myself shivering
in the glaring scrutiny
who is watching who
and what the hell am I still hiding for
then I remember I do have a voice
deep breath
and the answer comes
even if I am standing naked before you

your voice slips behind my ear

your voice slips behind my ear
the way your fingers might trace
the hair line, down the neck
and curve gently across my shoulders to the other ear
to make sure that no words have escaped
unheard, misunderstood, ignored
don’t ask me to open my eyes
and witness the death of this moment again
just let me listen
let me feel this cool reassurance against my fevered skin
one more time
as your voice fades to memory
and I sit waiting
for the next moment
for the next breath
for the next word


eight cups of coffee measure the day

eight cups of coffee measure the day
lined up on the table among the newspapers and magazine clippings
i sat endlessly flipping between sips
not sure what I was looking for
except to find maniacal comfort in the glossy pages and
frankenstein faces plastered there
and then the ripping -
pages torn out for a word, a look, a leaf, a colour
in precarious piles at my feet
i should find an envelope for them
a sleek, simple place to put this chaos
i should stop the coffee pot from boiling over
leaving garish brown stains across the stove again
i should drink more water
i should remember to eat
i should go for a walk
i should…
Wait - another crystalline sky reflected in a still lake
azure, emerald, diamond
know thy self,


The storm on the sea was cliché

The storm on the sea was cliché
I want to reach out well beyond the safety
Of the boat I cower in
Dive through the waves
Down below them
Watch the crash that follows each peak
I want to let the last remnants
Fall from my shoulders
And dance freely among
The angels’ tears
Yet I am rooted by
The battered stubbornness that remains
Clutching frantically at threads
That keep me from being exposed
I am overcome with knowing, with fear
And only the tiny freedom
Painted within me
Is the pastoral vision of a pine
Resting by a fragrant meadow
in the shadow of a majestic mountain
if, if, ,if, only if plays with each crashing way
each crashing wave
it is well beyond what I want now
beyond waiting for the storm to calm
well beyond the next breath


freedom rediscovered

freedom rediscovered
like an unexpected embrace
the flash of a smile
reflected in a mirror
faith restored
this is what life is
a whisper came like this
with the morning wind
while the sun shone
the bamboo sung
in low tones
and i sat
only to listen


all I can do is sit and write

all I can do is sit and write,
let the words flow through me
it seems that they are empty and elusive
they don’t meet the measure
to what is within my heart
but i cannot deny this pull
to express in some way
however fleeting...
in the stillness I can feel you
when fear and doubt are laid to rest
I see myself in you
with your compassion and kindness
the well of love that is your soul
I want to reach out and hold you
to feel you standing there before me
I don’t want to know life without you
it would the sun be without a sky
or a bird without the wings to fly
without you there with me
I would be lost in the endless sea
sounds cliché I know…
but the truth is you are my anchor
while chaos reigns around me
you are the calm I need to remind me
that I am everything now I need to be
my love you are the mirror
I can see me in your eyes
I am free in your eyes
I am me in your eyes
I am me
there is a freedom with you
that I have never felt before
you accept me for who I am
not who you want me to be
when the love overwhelms me
and I feel I am running
you quietly take my hand
and remind me that I am already
where I am supposed to be
I want to be lost in this simplicity
I can feel my wings unfolding
and it feels to me that the letting go
is in the flowing
I can’t kid you
you mean everything to me
I realize that I have been fighting
I see it now.. like shadowboxing
and being knocked down
by my own reflection
my own illumination
and from this new perspective
flat on my back on the ground
I see the world differently
fear sprawled beside me
and doubt scrambling to help it stand again
instead I will stand,,
leave them to wrestle in the dust
while I
let the angel fly

that mirror

that mirror
holds no answer
not for me
I can barely raise my eyes
High enough to meet my reflection’s gaze
So cold to my finger’s touch
While my own skin burns
With an unarticulated fever
Staring hard at my hands
I can ask what is this?
But that same question chokes me
Stops my heart mid-beat
When the emerald pools reach out
And drown me
What do you want?
I scream the question
Until its echo is faint
And a silence dresses it
So deep it is like a well in a desert
Where water is gold
And the search for it leads down
beyond what was once thought impossible
and the answer
like a whisper floating,
barely moving on undisturbed water
is freedom.

trail of stars sprawled

trail of stars sprawled
across the sky tonight
they dance on my extended palm
their gentle light falls toward me
the distance removed
with the closing of my eyes


the distance

the distance
makes me ache
artificial separation
that slips in and cuts
like a razor
leaving me bleeding
on the floor of my own mind
i don't reach out often enough
fear gets me and ties me down
i want to tell you to wake up
to tell you this life is opportunity
to love, to give, to heal
i want to hold you,
hear your dreams, your hopes, your fears
every day, the sun grows in the sky
i say to you ( though you do not hear me it seems)
i love you
not because you are my blood
not because you are my air
not because you are my everything
but because you are.


I miss the sun today

I miss the sun today,
the clouds have moved in
and taken over
the horizon…
the piercing cold of the wind
is the slap I need in the face
to keep the door closed, locked
and every piece of furniture
against its back
while I sit at the window
peering through the blinds


violets and forget-me-nots

violets and forget-me-nots
sit in a careless collection
in the vase on the window sill
sunlight is fractured and scattered
as it falls through the water
stems, leaves, blossoms
cut out at awkard angles
shaped by the sloping glass sides of the vase
i wonder if i saw this
for the very first time
would i stop and question
if the flowers were so disjointed, incomplete
without the water to hold them or the glass?


the garden is quiet in early morning

the garden is quiet in early morning
birds settled still with folded wing
morning glory stretches to catch the light
in its transparent painted palm
grasses leave silver trails
against my dress
as i pass to greet you
as i have done before
the pool among the stones is calm
even the fish hold
wrapped in watery arms
and words are stayed in my throat
i stand to hear the song of your heart
however the words and stories are woven
however the dew rolls off the rose
this friendship, dear one, simply is
just as the sun raises its head each day
i sit beside you and listen
while this moment begins


rain clatters

rain clatters
against the glass
muted caucophony
from within
i sit reflecting
another day
folds like melted wax
upon itself
sun has set
veiled by cloud
beyond my sight
assured slumber
i thought to sleep
in your hand
curled against
your open palm
to rest for a
moment's lifetime
and then the rumor of a smile
brushes across my lips
light dim
and i close
my eyes


what remains unsaid, my love

what remains unsaid, my love
within the walls of this heart
not the strangled, maniacal pleas
that trap the arms, pinned down -
demanding... Love me! Complete me!
Set me free!
where is the freedom in this?
when the white dove batters unknowingly
against the filigree bars
slight enough to be entangled
and yet enraged at this caged injustice
it is in the silent unfolding of a paper wing
extended with graceful deliggght
in these wide arms do we walk,
Entwined, Whole, Embraced
and as my happiness has found its place
to wander from
you have been just as you are,
an endless flight in a cloudless sky
found when my hand holds yours


Whisper of a prayer

Whisper of a prayer
Falls of me
Eyes closed tightly
I feel I am moving
Though I know I am standing still
The rumor of a smile consumes me
Expected glance shatters me
Like a stone meeting glass
With the briefest kiss
As I sit amongst the shards
Bleeding from the bits of glass
I missed cleaning up
I think that I only want to hear your voice
If only,
As a drop trickles down my palm
Where is the grace in dying this way
Ears empty, heart torn
The flicker of light dancing
Along the white tiles draws my sight
Away from the ruby splash beside me
Pulling me away from the knotted pain
To brilliant clarity
That for a small brief moment, I thought
The pain could cure me of an ache
So deep within my chest
And no, the tears, not of sorry, but joy
Rinse all that was spilled away


hand on the doorway

hand on the doorway
ready to run again
walk out of this skin
to let it all fall away
shed, forgotten
here you stop me
pull each toe back through
make me sit down
and breathe
the one thing i forgot to do
so i sit listening to the roses bloom
and the storm being born on the horizon
what was i running from again?
how long until my soul gets it rights

beyond these words i long to stretch

beyond these words i long to stretch
and reach out of what i thought could be
shake off the darkly laden doubt,
that keeps me stayed
and spread wide my eyes to truly see
to feel the breath of this love
gently pass across my skin
and kiss the air about me
may this moment never find its close
and let me stand encircled by you
for all eternity

i invited Happiness in today

i invited Happiness in today
to sit among the piles of books, magazines
and empty coffee cups
she pushed the clutter
to the floor, a sweeping gesture
to clear enough space
to sit before me
and embrace me as
the sun embraces the earth
with its light
she scolded me then
sternly chastising me
for waiting so long
to open the door
tired of always peeking
through the cracks
and whispering through
the open windows
she pulled out the chaise lounge
set it out beneath the broad arms
of the oak
and sat waiting for me
to get it together enough
to release
the door latch

crescent moon

crescent moon
through bowed branches
light bathes me
flows through me
gentle healing
long weary day falls away
listen to her reflection
dancing in the water
gentle hands sweep
the cool shore
while a quiet breeze
stirs the leaves
only enough to carry
the sleeping melody of a dove
and to lay my head down
to rest

frost dances on fallen leaves

frost dances on fallen leaves
morning sun shimmers
in each icy reflection
bluest sky bows
in joyful reverie

what of this laden head

what of this laden head
that lies pressed against the glass
screaming mind, howling against
the chains, the bonds
that hold it in place
what of this peace
that it fumbles to grasp
and lay hold to, so elusive
only the minnows flashing
in perfect harmony
in late afternoon sun
can truly know its essence
or the sparrow’s seamless flight
each feather constant with the next
yet here i sit revolting against
what i claim i cannot know
and yet i am here, here i am


wind gathers through my fingers

wind gathers through my fingers
i hear its ancient melody
as the river passes the shore
shaping the sand endlessly
each wave a breath
each ripple the stone’s gift
each moment slips away
with each rolling water lift
sunlight across my palm
day’s sweet stolen kiss
evening’s rapture through the leaves
moonlight’s bliss
wrapped in this blanket
between here and now
in this silence i breathe again
as the reeds along the river bow

the day has left only

the day has left only
folded wings and bowed heads
waves have fallen in slumber
as quiet as the shore
footsteps have filled
the autumn night air
crush of stone on stone
soft cool pad of sand
silence comes to embrace me
brush the hair from my eyes
to look deeply within
holding me
as the dragon holds the white orchid
and releases me home
to see the moon’s watery face


under glass

under glass
finger traces
this slow, loping curve
to press this fragile limit
with my palm
i wondered,
in my longing
to shatter this glass dome
if i have over looked
freedom’s responsibility
arranging a crushed rose
so the sunlight won’t
fade the coloured silk,
neatly creasing folds
to preserve the petals’ form
having forgotten the material illusion
that reveals a dying flower
desperate for water

twilight trips through the window

twilight trips through the window
with sprawling grace
silence, sitting with me
catches the light as it passes
and scatters it with a careless hand
out along the wall and table’s edge
transparent mandala drifting
capture me, hold me still
not by chance, am i here
to watch this timeless union
of shadow and light
dance its way across my room,
my furniture, my body, my life
and erase itself like the gentle sweep
of fine sand after
the circle is complete
drawn closer in the fading light
by my quiet companion
while the wind reminds me
of the cold winter night to come
not even the scattered starlight
and soft candle light glow
can help me discern
where my hand ends
and darkness begins


Now this heart is home

Now this heart is home
As you tell all you think you know
What can I do?
It’s the choice you made
To view the world as you say
I don’t want to be your reflection
Or your helping hand
Only you can know
Where it is you stand
All that you assume
Is the baggage you carry to the room
So if you don’t mind
I will sit quietly here
And listen to the wind unwind
When it has finished I will keep going on

this day lies, rolled in darkness now

This day lies, rolled in darkness now
The cool night air slips through the window…
I should probably shut it
But don’t
The chill on my skin keeps me alert
Or at least gives me the comforting illusion that I am
The light from the candle is warm
My hand seems soft and unscarred
I smile knowing another illusion lies
And I think how can this be that I want to sit here
Wait for the phone to ring or a letter to arrive at the door
While you have gone again
The time will pass as it always does
No alteration to it will come
It cannot be stopped, not even with sleep
The dream will stay for only as long as my eyes close
And I know this with the heart
Whole and unbroken
Soon this deep night will leave itself
To let the sun rise once again into the endless sky
The wind will continue to blow,
Every living thing will draw breath as it has before
And I, I will watch the steam from my tea

water drops from my hair

water drops from my hair
head bent low, watching
silver orbs slip down long strands
to plummet below
each drop a thought
too deep even for tears
their rippled consequence
almost unperceived
in the mass of fragile white
light reflecting upon itself infinitely
stays my gaze
while jasmine hangs
as an aromatic veil
not to obscure
instead a warm, yielding embrace
to hold me still
in the absent cleansing trails my fingers draw
on the extremities and porcelain
the moment slowly drains away
and yet, i feel there is something
just arriving

when the sky blushes

when the sky blushes,
the water still as silvered glass
and the stars shine one more time
at their brightest
before the first stretch of dawn
I sit with silence to greet the day
The world still sleeping
And though still gently tucked away
I want only to feel the first warm ray of light
Slip across my palm
Not to hold the light between my fingers,
But to feel its lingering kiss as it passes
There are no words that I have found
Nothing that can compare to
The first breath of day
When the sky is painted with a carefree hand,
The sun lies just beyond the farthest line
And the cool sand a sweet and gentle gift
That reminds me I am alive

this star shines

this star shines
as our love
through endless sky
so shall we be
for all eternity

river slowly curls

river slowly curls
around the stayed stone
as the eagle soars
beyond the highest pines
in this still place
i can hear the breath
you take as though
it was my own
what reason brings us
to meet in this even flow
if only to watch the sun
as it rises and sets on each day
light to pass like a kiss,
a caress, a dream
i rest my head to yours
not daring to ask or reveal
the words spill from your lips
tell me - it’s why i am here
all i can do is join the words together
pearls on a string
and begin

sitting in anticipation

sitting in anticipation
of a quiet moment
absent gaze
through the window
the unexpected kiss
of a warm breeze on a cold day
the startling cry of a hungry crow
roots me to my chair
to reveal the moment
has already come and gone

tea steaming on the counter

tea steaming on the counter
while wind rattles passed
the window
drops of rain smash
through blades of grass
to drown myriad insects
gathered in the garden
i watched the dark clouds
move over the afternoon
blocking the sun
i knew enough then
to come indoors
to put the kettle on

listen to the wind

listen to the wind
whispering in the softest voice
the stream sings
a laughing melody
under tall, fiery trees
while my heart soars
with the southbound geese
and lies at once with
the slumbering trillium
wrapped in the solid stone shield
of this ancient soil
soon the snow will fly
and all this will remain
in untouched harmony
i watched the morning sun
shine through a fern
a perfect emerald silhouette
dew gathered in the folds
of a scarlet maple leaf
shimmering in the light
i was not until i looked closely
that i saw the long slender
legs of the spider
resting on its glistening web
in complete stillness

autumn roses spill crimson

autumn roses spill crimson
over the stones in the drive
reflections dance in the puddles
with every cooling drop
steady drumming
through the trees
a soothing lullaby
sung against this rich tapestry
as i stand collecting raindrops
in my upturned palm

in a moment

in a moment
lotus blooms
still, quiet waters settle
after the crane finds
wind to lift it

gentle rain falling

gentle rain falling
against broad emerald leaf
tracing its lines and ridges
down to the slender stem

the day draws itself against the wall

the day draws itself against the wall
in long shadows, a reluctant warrior
and blade against the coming night
why this? My mind wrestles against it
each has its own beauty, peace, completeness
not alone, of course, but because of the other…
perhaps the shadows are the reminder
shifting along the terrace
the ribbon to join the day and night
and when the day rests in the arms of the night
the shadows rest with her
until the morning draws them both up again
the day taking her lover’s memory with her,
to walk each hour each minute each second
with her while awake
just as the night has the moon
to reflect his lover’s face.

The tree's shadow

The tree’s shadow draws me closer and
I am soon resting in the cool grass
Head pressed back against the rough bark
It reminds me that everything cannot be smooth
Or neat or tidy or perfect
Only in its own way
Deep breath captures me
As leaves spill around me like rain
The tree is bleeding red and gold
And I lift my hand up to hold one leaf
Floating towards me
Just beyond my grasp
Then the wind picks up, and the leaf turns away
To follow a new current
And I simply sit
As the moment holds me

Impatience slips in beside me

Impatience slips in beside me, pressed close
As is if there could be no room between breaths to
Shift and get more space between us
Squabbles and minced words buzz and fly around my head
Like drunken bees in the late autumn sun
Why can they not lay down and rest
Listen to the breeze shaking itself through the leaves
Why can’t they be silent was the whisper of the butterfly’s wing
Instead they proudly rant on,
This is the way , only through this door can you see the truth
The answers in green toenail polish
I say.

I want so much to reach out to you

I want so much to reach out to you
and hold your hand,
To feel the warm of your skin against my palm
The strength that flows through
I am too shy to reach out
And instead stand in agony of stubbornness
When my arms cry out to hold you
Not as a possession
But simply out of love
One that I cannot explain
But know is there
Instead silence grips my throat

Candle light in the mirror

Candle light in the mirror,
A dancing reflection of quiet contemplation
While I sit, mulling over the contents of another day
A sparkling laugh like shining sun through the window
A selfless gift from a cherished friend,
Shapes a smile on an otherwise sullen face
The mirrors in the hallways, the rooms,
no longer show the unseen corners, the lurking shadows
The nightmares that cannot find words in daylight,
but the faintest glimmer of something more
My face a flash in the space of this breath and the next one,
flesh drawn out and over a lifetime of
Heartache and shame, sorrow and joy
No trace of the unfolding butterfly
ripe with internal yearning,
Waiting until the time comes to unfurl
What hope can be found in this silvered glass?
What kernel of light, of love, of freedom?
Then, as the sunlight faded,
drawing out the stars from their slumber
How can I not slip to the floor beside them
and listen in awed silence
while the words I love you
are sung from their lips
And their kisses….their embrace
more like the butterfly than I
A smile sneaks passed the melancholy sentinels
a warm and tender caress that smoothes the creases
of worry , and shadowed pain
something in me, unfolds once more
I see myself reflected perfectly
in their laughing eyes, that betrays wisdom
beyond the years held in their bones
I find my place to wander from,
in the whole of my daughters’ eyes

Unseen dancer whispering

Unseen dancer whispering
Through swaying pines
Coursing blood force flows
Through this endless forest
River winds below
Bending around boulders
Tumbling and spilling over soil and stone
While the silent sentinel,
Talons firmly planted, sits
Watchful eye scans the horizon
Sudden rush
Upward spiral
To join the dance

two pebbles make their slow descent

two pebbles make their slow descent
Into the ocean’s wide embrace
Water swirls and turns over hard surfaces
As the pebbles fall together
What is not seen…
Hidden treasure beneath their solid appearance?
Pockets of emptiness,
Filled by each wave’s gentle caress
This blind wonder, this beauty
Joining two in an endless water dance
No separation
Always, only one
Until we rest on the ocean’s sandy floor

Stones crackle underfoot

Stones crackle underfoot
An expectant melody
As the moon lets fall its silver light
Through the darkened gum trees
Overhead myriad stars pass
Love’s sentinels brightly shining,
Jewels in the ebony ocean
Through night’s waves slowly dancing
Shadows meet to linger
in this breathless silence
Immersed in the moon’s
Vast shimmering embrace
Shadows still intertwined draw away
As the sun yawns sleepily
\Climbing leaf and bough
Over the top of every tree
Until the dew’s glistening kiss
Lights on the rose’s upturned face
Held forever in this sacred moment’s
eternal grace

The breeze through the window

The breeze through the window
Reminds me of a moment long past
And just as fleeting dissolves away
Like waves crashing against a rocky shore
My mind wrestles against
A tide of memory
What dreams lay caught
In the wispy curtains
Hanging against the window
Waiting to be shaken loose
With the dust of absence and solitude?
Laying my head against the back of my chair
I chase the light from my eyes
And follow the internal path of my next breath

I sit, lost in my own thoughts

I sit, lost in my own thoughts
The grey clouds hang low
Covering the treetops with
A misty mantle
All is still, waiting…
I turn my cup of tea around in my hand
I feel its warmth against my palm
Like a lover’s kiss
The rain begins to fall
I watch it hit the window
One drop at a time, then
Slide down the glass to
The puddle on the ledge below
When the rain stops and
The sun unveils itself
I know my life will be
Reflected in every remaining drop
Just as it is

Walk with me, dear one

Walk with me, dear one,
as the evening draws me closer.
The velvet blanket of night wraps around me,
as the sun slips behind the trees,
I am ready to sleep among the pine needles and maple trees.

In this last light, take my hand,
while I hold your heart close to me.
Let me embrace you once more.
I feel your warm touch against my palm,
and your kiss against my eyelids.

Come, let me tell you of my life…
It has unfolded before me like the blossom of a flower,
one petal, then one more.
Music has grown in the heart of me, with each new dawn.
Light has flown me through the clouds and love has brought me home.

Stillness and peace lies all around,
in this the autumn of my life.
My only wish for you now,
is to know that we live under the same sky,
we sing with the same voice,
and we are one – always.

Good night my love,
I sleep now cradled in the ocean’s azure light.
If you miss me, when I am gone,
look in your heart and I will be there,
holding you close again.

I breathe

I breathe
Sitting in this space
Between now and the next moment
Between the pebble’s drop
And the ocean’s embrace
Love spills over mind stones eroding them
To no thing,
And I see with light again
There is no running
No catching up
The laughter remains the same
My soul jumps into your arms
As the moon rises


Paddle dips into clear, still lake

Paddle dips into clear, still lake
Pulled through,
Then drawn up again
I kneel in the canoe’s hull
Bowing reverently to all around
With each broad stroke I take
Paddle rests on the gunnel
As water swirls below
And drips steadily from the paddle’s wooden edge
Each drop after the other
Forms a silver thread
To connect me completely
With each drop’s ripple
Gliding silently through the mist
Distant call of the lone loon
Kisses my ears “I am home”
Pine bows at water’s edge
Each branch emerald protector
Fallen logs lie half submerged
Near the shore,
Thinly veiled threat
In the stillness, I pass through
Just as the wind passes
Over the lake,
Through each pine needle
And beyond

Pearls on lace

Pearls on lace
Intricate designs
Morning mists
On silver threads
Silent calling


Life spills around me
Water from an over-turned cup
Carelessly, recklessly tossed to the ground
I am running, I am running
Forget what is lacking, what is gone
The sun never shines twice on the same day
Drink this light down
Catch up with me life
While I dance in this orange glow
Trailing this dark mantle behind me
Laughter falls like rain
Wisps of yesterday
Moments hanging in the air
I won’t suffer to reach for them…
The day now dressed in ebony
River winds to rush over
Pale, grey weathered stones
Soothing, cool caress
In silence, I sit now
Beneath mango boughs alone
To listen to the spring moon rising
Its silver melody drips down over me
The gentlest waterfall leaping
To the still deep pool below

Set the cup down on the table

Set the cup down on the table
Lean to see the sky
Through the window
Jet stream trails across
Like a bright, white stroke
Of a brush on azure canvas
Sunlight dances
Through the glass
Charcoal shadows
Sink into the chair
To gather strength
To breathe

Standing by the river

Standing by the river
At the water’s edge
Lotus blooms to catch the rain
Each drop a mirror
Reflections off the surface
Like a finding a pearl
In a fish’s mouth

Candle in the window

Candle in the window
Flame gutters and dips
In the breeze
Open my hand
Feel the air’s caress
Briefest kiss
Then gone again
Moonlight spills across
The windowsill
Sleepless eyes
Watch another night
Pass by
Sitting in stillness
A raindrop resting
In the lake
Blossom’s first breath
On the branch
The sky’s blush
In morning light

Words written in the sand

Words written in the sand
For the ocean and sky to see
A few lines gently drawn
A gift of earthly poetry
Each retreating wave
Brings these words to one
What cannot be said with breath
By hand’s caress is done
The breeze quietly rises
Over the water’s serene face
As the last sun shows
Each word’s last trace
This gift now sent
To mingle in the deep blue
One day to reach your shores
That you may know these words
“I love you”

Thunder rolls and cracks

Thunder rolls and cracks
Outside the window
Rain falls in endless streams
While lightning flashes across the sky
Sitting in this storm
I turn to this beauty
As if in a dream
No looking, just seeing
Then in the stillness
After rain stops falling
And the thunder moves
To whisper in the distance
I do the same
A bird flies
A flower blooms
A river flows
I am home
Sitting in this brilliant mystery
Placed upon my palm
There is no holding
Only its release
A butterfly finds its wing
Beauty fills me
Though I know it has always been
A waterfall fills the quiet pool
A wave on the ocean
A firefly light in the night
Completes me

The rain is singing against

The rain is singing against
The glass of the window
Take off your coat and stay
While I make you some coffee
I watched the drops
Collect along the sill
Waiting for you to return
Earlier I walked in the evening sun
I saw the river flow to the sea
Bathed in golden light
Stay here with me
In this perfect moment
If tomorrow is goodbye
Still, I will have held you
Here beside me
You smile at me
Over the top of your coffee mug
As I sit

This day, like any other slips by me

This day, like any other slips by me
Like a breeze through a screen door
A whisper roars in my ears
Like a thunder of wings
I find myself standing in a gale
The windows rattle and I laugh
Whisper or roar
When the wind lays down to rest
The waters grow quiet and return to glass
To reflect the moon there
Dancing a slow tango with the stars
Moving through the sky until daybreak
For now, quietly laughing
I do not know the light of tomorrow
Yet here, the sun still shines

Light like a sigh

Light like a sigh
Spreads gently across
The mountain range
A breath that floats
And brushes against you
Barely there
Like standing in a gale
Wind blows, clouds dance
Then, in stillness
Waves rest
Blossoms unfold
In morning

Wrapped in the evening sky

Wrapped in the evening sky
The moon lights a path
I climb through the tree branches
To walk among the stars
Wandering with no where to go
This freedom dresses me in
Silver and gossamer dew
Stepping over glittering jewels
In bare feet, I continue
My aimless trek
Until the moon slumbers
And morning light kisses the sky
Then, I will lay my head down
And rest.

Sun sets on the water

Sun sets on the water
Orange light spills everywhere
I sit on smooth rock
By the shore
Water like glass

I feel this pause

I feel this pause
Between breath, no breath
The sky is sapphire
And the birds play in the pines
Their songs float down
Around me like a misty musical rain
The pause lifts itself into the air
Curling and turning
In an upward dance
Like a feather caught on a breeze
The sun shines through the branches
I stand
In this moment

Flight of fire

Flight of fire
Iridescent green
Last dance
Before sunset

Snow falls

Snow falls
Serene dance
Soft yellow sunlight
Falls across my hand
What is this?
The question weaves itself
Between words
I reach out
To hold your hand
Fingers intertwined
Strong hold
What is this?

Space between

Space between
Ice between
River and sunshine
Flame between
Candle and air

Send me flowers

Send me flowers
While I am living
Don’t wait until
I am gone
No sweet words
That paint the air
Hanging there waiting
To fall
No kisses to turn me away
To look for you
When the moon comes out
To dance with the stars
Send me
So when the blossoms fade
And the leaves rot to mush
I can return them home
To the grave, cold ground

I count the beads

I count the beads
That sit on my wrist
One by one
I never think to look
Where I begin
Or finish,
I just count.
The glass is cool
Smooth in my fingertips
Blue of the ocean
The sky, aquamarine

Pearls off a broken string

Pearls off a broken string
Clatter to the ground
Gathered again
In a white ceramic bowl
Placed on a shelf

Frost embraces pane of glass

Frost embraces pane of glass
Sunlight’s kiss the same
Like a rose breaking
Through an egg shell
The glass remains

Breathing out, breathing in

Breathing out, breathing in
Seeing fish and letting them swim
Looking out the window, looking in
Searching tomorrow and everywhere I have been
Like a spring breeze you pass through me
Sun burst through the clouds
Every drop of rain
You are gone again

Soft petal crimson

Soft petal crimson
Touched by dewdrops
Kissed by morning sun
In silence born
Unfolding with wings
Butterflies and spring breezes
Fragile breathless beauty

I watched the blades of grass

I watched the blades of grass
Dip and bend with the wind
The clouds flap like drying sheets
On the line – constant movement
Wild flowers scent the air
Woven into my hair, my fingers
I lay back watching
In silent reverie
The birds sang sweetly today
And a grasshopper
Kissed my knee
Before leaping away
Still dark night
Stars brightly shine
Shower down in streams of light
Heart beats thunder
Palms turned upwards
Stars fall to kiss
My hands
Slip beneath the surface
Water molds to every body curve
Moonlight dances
On cresting waters
Quiet joy

Stone finds its place

Stone finds its place
At the river’s bottom
Between the water and sand
Current surges and swirls
Stone moves unexpectedly
To tumble and turn
Then find its place once again
At the river’s bottom
Between the water and sand
Does the stone shape the water around it
Or does the sand and water shape the stone?

Hand opened on the bed

Hand opened on the bed,
Sunlight on the palm
Nothing to hold onto
Nothing to grasp
Leigh coming and going
Here and there
Sun rises over the roof tops,
Pale yellow light
Spills through frosted window
Another morning

Snow falls in hushed silence

Snow falls in hushed silence
I watch one snowflake in effortless labor
Drift to the soft emerald boughs
Of cedars and pines
The window fogs as I lean
Too close to the glass
The cold creates an intricate design
That takes on life of its own
Crystals spreading
Creating breath taking lace
To dress the pane of glass
I shrug my coat on
And enter this snow filled room
Drawn to the snow piles
To fall with the flakes
To lie face up, eyes closed
In the hushed silence

Sun rises over the roof tops

Sun rises over the roof tops
Pale, yellow light spills through
The spidery frost on the window.
Another morning.
Hand opened on the bed,
Sunlight in the palm
Nothing to hold on to
Nothing to grasp
Light coming and going
Here and there
Caught in the crystal,
Hanging in the corner of the window
Shattered light is painted
On the bare walls.
Even colour is elusive
As the sun climbs higher
In the winter sky.
Another day.
Dream remnants fly
with the wind outside.
Another night dissolves with
One last breathless kiss

Hush love

Hush love
I can hear you coming
Like a whisper
On the wind
As the water cradles
The lotus bloom

Water cascades

Water cascades
Leaping off rock ledge
Falls effortlessly to the
Still deep blue pond below
Lush green ferns grow
In fertile soil
Around the water’s edge
Drinking deeply from the source
Sit quietly as the water
Wait for the sun
To raise each drop of water up
To sit among the clouds
Only to tumble once again to earth
To cascade
An endless stream
Flowing into itself

Ah my darling

Ah my darling
I stood at my window
Watching you
The sky shone at the sight of you
And the clouds blushed deep pink
At your descending caress
Cannot help but smile,
Though you rest now behind the trees
And will be gone soon enough
I know I will feel your light kiss
In the morning
For now, I can wait for that new day
But in this stillness,
I am content to watch your shining face
As time fades away

The old patterns play against the wall

The old patterns play against the wall
And a deep sigh escapes my lips
The sound echoes through this empty house
I think of the gardens outside, flowers
Wilted and gone for another season
Strangely, I do not mourn their loss
Or my own
I know they will return,
With the birds, and spring breezes
For now they lay sleeping, waiting,
While I sit waiting for you to say something.

On my wall, hangs a simple frame

On my wall, hangs a simple frame
It holds no image, no colour, no
No photograph
No story unfolds on canvass, between the wooden corners
No history is hidden beneath the layers
Instead, it hangs against the white
To embrace nothing
When I sit before it
The universe leaps out at me
I see the endless rolling river,
With its winding shores,
As the sunlight sparkles and dances on the water
And blossoms grace the air
My heart sings, as I am cradled
In this moment’s deep breath

The wind blows cold and hard

The wind blows cold and hard
Against the window
I hear the ice crack, as it bends,
It encases the ground and trees
Branches thrash against the gale,
As I watch from the stillness of my chair
Stream from the cup of tea beside me
Curls up into the air, in a slow spiral,
While outside, the snowflakes whirl in the maelstrom
Stark contrast
A quiet laughter bubbles up from deep inside me
From deep inside my heart
As I sit awake
Watching the glowing flames in the fireplace
With a happy sigh, I drink my tea

Standing in the meadow

Standing in the meadow
The mist swirls around me
With every step, my trail is barely marked,
the grass and wildflower barely move
- the past and future obscured
I am only here in this still moment,
I hear nothing, no rustle of the field mouse,
Or the call of the redwing blackbird
Only the beating of my own heart
And every breath that I take.
Quietly, I sing….
“as the blossoms fall down around me,
my face turned towards the sun
light outward, light inward
merge as one
tears and laughter join the stream of love
that flows from the heart
only one, only many,
still only one….”
As the last notes fade into the mist
I sit, embraced by the stillness, enveloped by peace,
time and space dissolve to nothing
as the mist fades in the morning sun
The meadow turns its face toward me, towards the sky,
towards the mountain, towards the ocean
In the quiet of dawn, I wonder, did I sing for the meadow,
Or did the meadow sing for me?
Lotus leaf floats
Drifting towards me
As I pass by
We two are caught
Swirling in the current
Time stops, and then disappears
As it flows into itself
And streams swell
From with in
The river breaks its banks
And floods surrounding lands
No mark of where it ends or begins
Flowing inside time,
Time inside time
Feelings, sublime
Washing through me and you
Somewhere, a child sings
A heart full of tears,
“somewhere, over a rainbow,
skies are blue, when I wish upon a
star, it seems that life is always far behind I hear the music rise with the wind
Off the water, its ripples gently rock me
I hear a flower unfolding, as
Light breaks through the clouds
And my heart sings
As lotus leaf floats
Drifting towards me,
As I pass.Waiting for you to say something
As if a dream has cast its shadow
Warping space and time
A spiral with no beginning and no end
Just endless turning
Outside the sun sets on another day
A few flakes of snow begin their slow
Descent to the yet unfrozen ground
Carried by an errant breeze,
Until they find rest
It is in this stillness, as darkness spreads
Across the sky
It is in this quiet moment,that I watch
The candlelight and shadows dance
In a slow lumbering waltz
And hear the flow of river water
And feel the pounding of my heart

Down to the river's edge

Down to the river’s edge
I walk, to sit and watch the water flowing by
Restless, I follow the winding bank,
Over rough rock and smooth stones,
To finally stand barefoot in the sand,
Where the water is quieter, and the song of the birds can be heard
Ankle deep in the water, I stand, feeling the current
Drawing me in…
The water holds me, in a moment’s deep breath
As I slip under the surface to swim with the fish
Iridescent blue green aquatic jewels
Flow past me, flow with me
I rise to the surface, and turn my face towards the sun
It warms me as I float,
Along the banks on either side, I see people working and playing,
Children laughing and splashing in the shallow water, as I pass unseen
Then the river narrows,
Willows on either side bend their branches low to drink the sweet essence
As I move through, their leaves brush my skin, and get tangled in my hair
In this cool calm water, I rest
The stillness wraps around me as I share this moment with
The silent great blue heron who stands waiting for a meal
To swim around his legs…
Sudden splash, like lightning he strikes and eats
The wind rises off the water to move me on
Passed the trees, to faster water
The sun warms me again,
As I tumble in the strong current
The river prepares itself to merge with the great ocean
Somewhere beyond the horizon
While I simply am carried on
In the river’s arms
In the distance I hear
Quiet laughter

In this stillness I sit

In this stillness I sit
Overwhelmed by serenity
Silent pond
Birds have folded their wings
To sleep cradled in the tree branches
Flowers bow their heads to slumber
In the cool night air
In this stillness I hear
The singing of my heart
Each note reflected in the bright mirror
The moon in unmoved water
Clear sparkling silence
With eyes closed, heart open
I see you joining me in my heart
Interlocked for eons,
Now I have found my way home
When the winds blow,
Or waves rise up
I take refuge, inside

The rain falls gently

The rain falls gently,
Steadily over me,
While I am walking
I do not run from it, find shelter
In a doorway or go inside
Instead each drop soaks me to the core
Running over my face in tiny rivers
Through my hair, over my skin, to my feet
Umbrella lies forgotten in my hand
While I stand to watch the puddles grow,
And water stream down the street
Lifting my head up, I see through
The raindrops, a little bit of sky
As the clouds fall away
And reveal the sun
The light fills the emptiness
Left by the rain
And I continue

I walk while the sparrow calls

I walk while the sparrow calls
From the trees high above
Leaves wave in tenuous flight,
Quiet stream flows here,
Careful certainty,
Crystal rippling joy
Stones turn in the current
Gently shaped, smooth, round
I lean against an oak tree,
And watch shadows cast by the sun
Eyes closed, I dream while
The stream gurgles and giggles beside me
With careful certainty
Breeze whispers through the leaves
In this moment, the wind lifts me
And carries me like the wings of the sparrow
I come to rest gently on the water
I feel the currents move me
I find myself tumbling with
the stones at the bottom
rolling water’s laughter fills me,
awake, I see the sparrow, head tilted
watching me, then she is gone
I stand to walk again
Along the sun-laced path

In my heart, I feel you

In my heart, I feel you
Unfolding, part by part,
Your song mingles with mine,
Two rivers merging,
The song eternal, of a million voices
Rising clearly through the darkness
Tears stream with rippling joy
Of light
As we kneel together on the shore
The ocean surf pounds in our ears
And waves crash around us
Over us, through us
The boulder melts to a stone
The stone smoothes to a pebble
The pebble to a grain of sand
Sun warms us
In silent embrace,
While the heart sings

I have never seen your face

I have never seen your face, but I
Have seen the colour of the sky through
Your eyes, and felt the sun warm
Against your skin.
A mountain stream flows from high rock,
To ocean floor
It cools the burning touch
Cleanses the heart and makes it full
The mango tree sits alone, on a grassy
Hill, branches laden with fruit,
In its shade, I sit, caressed by the heady
Breeze that curls around me.
I see you sitting on the branch above me,
Your legs dangling down, like the tail
Of a monkey. Tell me, how can I not smile?
Or laugh, when the fruit stains my shirt?
Our hearts embrace each time, like fingers
Interlaced and strong.
I breathe in and out, close my eyes,
In the soft grass to nap, while you watch me from above.



Bright blessings
As love unfolds
Embraced by this light
Gossamer wings
In a gentle breeze
Free falling
Floating freedom

Pebbles in the ocean

Pebbles in the ocean,
I drop them one by one.
Standing on the shoreline,
Across my shoulders,
I feel the sun.
Move to cooler waters,
among the shining waves.
As I watch the pebbles fall away,
Their shadows still remain.
Floating on the water now,
I am cradled in its arms.
Wash me clean, unfold my heart,
Hold me close always,
Fly me like a bird,
Fly me home again.
With these new wings,
Tears of joy stream down my face
And flow like rivers to my heart
Dissolve those last few shadows
While the current pulls me in
Azure sky above me
Emerald valley all around
Diamonds twinkle like the stars
Wrapped in a crimson flower
I hear children’s laughter
And the singing of the breeze
I realize with a sudden smile
That is comes from within me
Pebbles in the ocean
I have dropped them one by one
Embrace the pain that lingers here
As I play through this golden light
On this, the morning of my life

In the dark of night

In the dark of night
I hear you calling out to me
Like a fire to the flame
I have come home again
Safe in the heart
You hold me close
And closer still
In this beautiful place
Clouds melt to the sun
I have become one
At the crossroads
There is only one road to take
Into the valley or to the mountain top
They are the same,
Leading to the Sacred place.
I am following with the brightness of your face
One step hesitates, in mid-flight
Do I dare believe I deserve this brilliant path?
Am I worthy to take the next footfall?
Does the storm rage around each curve, each bend?
And then…
I feel your steady hand extend
we fall together

Sounds of falling water

Sounds of falling water
float through the air
Leaves, green-gold,
shimmer endlessly
Among the laden branches
of the mango tree
As I sit in the room
with pomegranate walls
The gentle sloping trunk
rolls across the canvass
And down,
as if to find its roots somewhere else
My eye follows
the sprawling path to the door
The moment you come in,
Ah brilliant light,
your energy embraces me,
As you sit next to me,
among the velvet cushions
and curved wood.
Together, we merge.
You pierce my heart
with the gentleness of
A spring breeze,
flowing with the shimmering,
Glowing tree before us,
Never has anyone shown me, how to see
The way I see this peace, this strength,
This now

I follow the trail of water

I follow the trail of water
With the tip of my finger,
Your coffee cup left
A ring on the counter
In the place where I had
Left it to dry.
I do not remember where
This digit journey began,
Or where it might end,
This slow tracing of the past
In my mind, I can see you,
Lifting the mug to your lips,
To drink the last drops
Of coffee, before racing away
Never remembering to kiss me
The water is cold now,
And the hour later still.
I take a dry cloth, and
Wipe away the last trace of

I am idle tonight

I am idle tonight,
as I watch the candle wax fold
And melt into the dish.
Thoughts drift and sway,
like clouds on a breeze…
Still my heart from beating,
while the light dances across
my fingertips.
I cannot hold this captive in my hand,
Any more than I can build a rose.
Instead, I let the light slip through,
free to flicker,
And dip to the shadows…
Eyes closed. Eyes opened.
Breathe in. Breathe out.
I drink from this cup of tea, and
Feel the ridges
where the cracks mark its ceramic face…
Heat radiates outward,
as I cradle it close to me
The candle gutters,
drawing shadows closer
Nothing forms.
Everything forms.
The pulse, I feel it,
in the tips of my fingers,
And it blocks the cold hard surface
Of the window.
Eyes closed. Eyes opened.
Breathe in. Breathe out
I am idle tonight, as I watch,
The wax fold and melt, trace the rim
Of my cup with my finger and feel the
Candlelight dance,
In my heart, in my soul

I count the beads

I count the beads that sit on my wrist,
One by one,
I never think to look where the circle begins or ends.
The glass is cool against my fingertips,
As I sit by the window,
When the breeze sneaks in through the cracks,
I pause,
Letting the circle go

Sitting by the window

Sitting by the window,
I pause, as a cool breeze sneaks in
Through the cracks
I wonder if the dream, while it
Weaves its way to reality,
Will complete the circle?
A pebble drops into the water,
And though the moon’s image blurs,
It remains in its place
In the sky,
Moving endlessly but never leaving
Life, like a waterfall, cascades
And pours into itself,
Time inside time,
Renewing, deepening, changing,
Overflowing, loving

Kiss the shining face

Kiss the shining face,
Of a golden sunflower
Fly on the wind,
Of a butterfly’s wings
Drink from the dew,
Of the morning glory
See the faces of angels
In the gentle arms of the trees
Hear the songs of the running water
Over a bed of stones
Leaves rain on cloudless skies,
Winds play a symphony
Through the trees
While I sit under a maple with leaves of fire.
I close my eyes and hear squirrels
Dashing madly through the brush,
Storing away what they will soon forget…
Shadows dance as last sun spills around me,
And the day falls away.
I look up and smile at the winking sun,
And raise my hand, palm exposed, to feel
The kiss of each leaf in the breeze,
each shaft of light.
You ask “do the clouds change the sun?” and I whisper
To you, in this sacred place, “ no.”

We live in the same voice

We live in the same voice
We live under the same sky
While the candle dances
Hearts skip and swell
When kindred spirits meet

Everyone has something

Everyone has something
That keeps them
Awake at night
Somehow you have
To make peace
With yourself
I cannot tell you
When to stop caring or
When the nightmares
Will stop
A white carnation
To hide
To hide
The smell of death
Everyone has something
That keeps them awake at night
Whisper to me
Like the wind
Instinct moon
Shine down
On my soul
Fill it with
Light and peace

In the first lift of light

In the first lift of light
Arms widespread
Palms turned upward
To the sky
I see
Passed the sight of
The sun.

Sweet love

Sweet love, I feel your sting
Disappointment burns and twists
Through my soul
Revisit me tomorrow,
Let me sleep this night,
Let me know one last caress,
One last kiss
Before the morning light
Splays my slumber
Sweet love, like a jewel
I hear your voice cut me
Behind closed eyes, I hear
You step further away,
Elusive to my touch
Let me know once more
That singular joy
That comes me,
Under your watchful eye
Sweet love, go now
Fade the light of embers
Make my touch cold
Let me know
Let me know
Let me go

Dreams of fading pictures

Dreams of fading pictures
Possibility and problem
In my palm,
A tree stands,
Wizened in the winds
Of love and pain,
Sorrow and joy
These are
My now,
My was,
My will be.
I see
In the shadows,
The dim light of knowing
Passed the sight of the sun,
All that is mine
Spilling down over
The rocks and sand
A maelstrom
That I hold in my other hand

Love is a fierce cord

Love is a fierce cord
Life reflected
In a dewdrop
In another set of hours,
Minutes, days
We are side by side
Not separated by
An ocean of time
A circle that cannot
Be complete
In this life.
In the dream
I can feel the strength
Of your hand
Holding me still
Holding me
And in the morning light
I know that I cannot
Let go.
Love is a fierce cord
Discordant harmony
Hold me in the torrent.
In the morning,
All remains.

A pebble falls

A pebble falls
In the water
Reach out for me
Each breath you take
Breathe for me
Alone is never alone
Life is never life alone
You wear your misery well
Let me take your coat for you
The candle lights your face
I see the seduction of morose
In your eyes
You wear your pain
Like an embrace
The roundness of the pebble
Weighs in my hand
The pebble can only
It falls,
And never do I hear
The splash

Drawn to water

Drawn to water
We watch, we drown
In the rapids
In the unknown maelstrom
To cleanse
To live again
Life is a river –
Jump in
I want to float to a quiet place
Where the water eddies and swirls
In the shade of a weeping willow
Whose branches lean
Down to kiss the water
I want to sit at the river’s edge,
On the wooden bridge and dip my toes
In the water
when the water gets too cold
And the minnows bite like sharks,
I will stand and
We stand on the shores
We bathe in the water
To come clean
We drown
Life is a river
Streams, creeks, lakes
Join and divide
All water flows out
To somewhere
Life is a river –
Jump in
We watch, we drown
We sit calmly in the water’s arms
Balanced precariously
On a boat that should not float
We check for wholes, holes
In the boat
Not a soul without us
Another day of fishing

Kindred spirits meet

Kindred spirits meet
Not by chance
But in spite of it
A candle dances brightly
In the gentle breeze
Hearts skip a beat
How can this be?
It simply is…
Enjoy the moment
Every breath,
Every last rose.

Drink from this cup of tea

Drink from this cup of tea
Feel the ridges
Where the cracks mark
Its ceramic face
Heat radiates from it
As I cup it in my hands
I watch the leaves of tea
Swirl and float,
Dancing with each sip

My soul

My soul
Save for a question
Light shines down and out
Instinct moon
Whisper to me
Like the wind
Fill me

The pebble is smooth

The pebble is smooth
Weight in my hand
Worn by the waves
That rocked it
Gently to shore
Holding this pressured
Piece of earth
I am overwhelmed by its beauty
Complete, rounded, solid
Some of the stones break
Beneath my feet,
Fragile slate and dried mud
But you, dear pebble,
Remain outwardly unchanged,
If I have left a mark
It is one I will never see
I have thought of those unknown marks
Finger prints and butterfly wings
Tiny ripples in the ocean
A mark left in ignorance
Is still a mark
Your strength holds me still,
Your simplicity wears and shapes me

Your simplicity shapes me

Your simplicity shapes me,
Your strength holds me still.
Your cool core calms me,
And your weight is my anchor
You wear your mantle of history,
Etched by layers of sand and water,
Wisdom and truth
Time is meaningless to you,
You bear it like the gentle
Embrace of the evening tide.
If I hold you too close, will you
Crumble to sand, like the dried mud
Beneath my feet?
Really, I know it is I, who will crumble
And you will go on
Being warmed by the slowest movement,
The softest, lightest breeze.


Dewdrops on a blade of
Grass, like a pearl
Delicate, fragile
One small movement
Precious destroyed
Life mirrored.

one drop of rain

One drop of rain fills the river
One grain of sand builds a pearl
One empty cup overflows
Listen to the thunder
Of a
Butterfly’s wing

twiction 43 - breaking rules

'I told you never, ever bring it up again' he said,slamming his hand on the table. Jack watched his brother. The truth hung in between them.

'I swear, I don't want to hear another word about it from you.' Danny shouted. Jack walked started to walk away. "Brothers stick together"Jack did not turn around when Danny yelled his name. One more day, and he would not have to hold his brother up. One more day and he'd fall. Fall like a stone in a river, flowing so fast that there's no time to rest in the mud on the bottom. Then the truth will come out.

Monday, July 06, 2009

twiction 42

Mark stood on the wall watching the road below. He waited until the sedan passed below him before flipping the switch. He counted.